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I work at bringing my visions to life.

Who I Am and What I Do

Amber. Ammonite. Hypersthene. Meteorite. Fire Agate. Fossils. Petrified wood. Pearls. Vintage game pieces. These are but a few materials that I use in my work to distinguish it from other artists' designs whether it's jewelry or mixed media pieces.


My art involves artistically creating and combining my individual pieces into a work designed and executed by me. I add to the uniqueness of my work by including a “short story” of each piece relaying the symbolic meanings of the materials used. This little extra adds an amuletlike quality that symbolically brings qualities like abundance,  joy or confidence for instance. I consider this aspect an integral and uniquely creative part of the final piece.

I also use vintage, broken, recycled and found pieces, disassembling, changing or even repairing them, and remaking the components into new and different designs that are uniquely my own. I like the idea of reducing the environmental carbon footprint whenever I can and so do my customers!


My Background

I developed my skills over the last 30 years through courses offered by various jewelers and designers in the area and attending the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Georgia. I also developed my style by experimenting  as I like change and I like to see my designs continually evolve.

I primarily sell my work through Local Colors Artists'  Cooperative  in Gloucester, MA where I have been a member for the last 30 years. See me on Facebook.

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